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April 11, 2016
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The Amazing Story Bridge Adventure Climb in Australia


Bridge climbing is a unique and interesting experience for hiking lovers. Only few spots in the world, available for bridge climb considering city bridge climb with whole city view. Since there are few spots in the world, we came across stunning place used for adventure, The Brisbane’s Story Bridge Adventure Climb. The bridge climb gives an excellent yet breathtaking view of Brisbane, incorporating blazing surroundings.

Before bridge climb, host provides you with accessories such as, Hats, handkerchiefs, sunglasses, and fully enclosed rubber soled shoes so you won’t missed the any bit of spectacular experience of The Story bridge adventure climb.  Secondly, these items are necessary for the adventure. It’s challenging and unique.


Once you top the bridge, you will be amazed to see the areas, spectacular views upon you reach the top. Bridge climb featuring 360 degree view the surroundings of Brisbane from bridge.

Well, it really isn’t easy to go out there and climb the tower, you will need a guide or say leader. You will follow a team wearing radio headset, listen there commentary about heritage and city’s history. It will add a fine tone to the experience. A 2.5 hour climb followed with other companions and leaders, fine tuning with leader’s commentary, simple as amazing as you never experience before, the Brisbane special adventure climb within city. I would like to mention here that this bridge is place in one of the 3 world top place featuring Bridge adventure climb middle of the city.

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