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April 7, 2016
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Stress May have negative impact on your Performance Appraisal

Stress is refer to a reaction to stimuli. Light stressors for example, the TV is too loud so we are motivated to turn down the volume. We cannot reduce the stimui, but what we can do is control our reaction to the stimuli

How Stress effect your work, your responsibilities and after affects

While at the office your boss has delegates  you many tasks that he expects you to have completed by the end of the day. While you should feel great that he is confidently assigning you tasks which he expecting to complete by the end of day, however, you started feels overwelmed on the task assigned to you. Its because your brain is racing while thinking about how can I do all of this on top of my normal job? Your body is responding by sending out hormones which increase heart rate, speed up adrenaline, your respiratory rate increases in anticipation of the increased need for oxygen and slows your digestion. This is the flight or fight response. In a do or die situation for example:

A car accident that a person is trapped under a car people have reported having super human strength to lift the car enough to get the person out thereby saving their life. That is what adrenaline is for, running away from the enemy or fighting the enemy to save live.

Well this is one effective example of how stress can manipulate your mind and body.

The problems happen when we are uncertain of how long a stressors will last for example a chronic illness of a loved one. There is no way to predict how long you will have to help care for your family member or how the medical bills will get paid on top of the regular financial obligations being met. Will you loose your credit rating, your house, your car? All are variables that are unpredictable, and so you being to suffer both mentally and physically.

This can lead to depression, Insomnia, loss of anorexia, or increased appetite, weight gain, diabetes even heart attack. We call this caretaker fatigue. So what can be done to reduce our reaction? Be assertive, if you are feeling overwhelmed, say so. Delegate as many tasks to others that will afford you the time to devote to completing the tasks assigned to you. It’s kind of level of stress that effect everyone differently. One can lost his opportunity other can control to maintain his position.,

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