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April 26, 2016
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Pakistan to use F-16 Jets Against INDIA – U.S. Lawmaker Concerns


U.S. has deep rooted interest in Pakistan, especially when it comes to fight against terrorism and military assistance. Although, U.S government keeps on providing extensive support either it was in financial shape or military support. Recently, U.S has sold eight F-16 Jet fighters to Pakistan. Been considered a good sign for PAK-US Friendship, however, there are other forces that have concerns on recent development.

India  raises some serious concerns on Jet sales, especially when there’s been so much tension across Pak-India Borders. U.S government state a clear point of view on development, that selling F-16 Jets is solely for the purpose to enhance Pakistan’s striking capability against terrorism.

Indian foreign policy makers generated their statement over jet sale to Pakistan and said, “We disagree with their rationale that such arms transfers help to combat terrorism,”

In Recent years, Pakistan have faced  damaging strikes from terrorist groups, especially incidents of Lahore, Army school Peshawar and few others, which damaged Pakistan’s reputation. Henceforth, questions been raised on counter terrorism strategy. U.S representatives accused Pakistan for being not so aggressive rather aiding and harboring terror groups in Islamabad.

Rep. Brad Sherman said at the hearing Wednesday that the Obama administration would have to weigh “whether the F-16s constitute the least expensive, most efficient way for the Pakistani Air Force to go after the terrorists and the least disruptive weapon system to the balance of power between India and Pakistan.”

“Pakistan’s priorities and values regarding terrorist groups are seriously misaligned with our own,” Mr. Salmon said, adding that the country “has used terror as a tool of statecraft, and terrorist proxy groups for the Pakistani military have carried out fatal attacks inside India.”

Well, it’s been a long time since India accusing Pakistan on assisting terror groups like Lashkr e taiba and Jaish e Mohammad. Who deemed to be mastermind in attacks in Mumbai in 2008 where more than 150 people were killed. Anyhow these are India concerns on current development. While Pakistan has been straight forward on terrorism policy while U.S has been providing military support to Pakistan in fighting against Terrorism.


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