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April 20, 2016
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April 21, 2016

Pakistan Army Chief Dismissed Top Ranking Corruptive Officers

Although, It is really hard to eliminate corruption from every sector, but nothing is impossible if you have courage, integrity and passion. Pakistan ARMY chief General Raheel Shareef dismissed at least 12 prestige senior officer from Pakistan military. after being found involve in high level corruption. Army Chief’s action against culprits depicting some serious overhauling is happening in Biggest Sector.

An inquiry was been held and consistently ran over a year which revealed their final result as Pakistan high ranking, proceeding ranking officer in Army have been involve in corruption any kind. After proven, Raheel  Shareef not only dismissed them from service, but stripped of their perks and privileges which they were entitled for on and after service. However, benefits include pensions and medical facilities will continue.

People Praises the Raheel Shareef’s Action against Corruptive  Officers


Two Executive Rank officers – Corps

  • Lieutenant General Obaidullah Khattak
  • Major General Ejaz

5 Brigadiers – Brigade

  • Bregadier Haider
  • Brigadier Asad
  • Brigadier amir
  • 2 others

3 colonels – Battalion

  • Colonel Haider
  • 2 others

A Major

  • Major Najeeb

Raheel Shareef taken a huge initiative which can help Army and Pakistan free from corruption if other sectors learn lesion from him. It’s a record Breaking achievement from any Army Chief, especially to the verge of Pakistan history. Pakistan has never ever experience this kind of development before.



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