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6 Latest SEO Techniques 2016

Latest SEO Techniques

No Doubt, SEO Rules keep on changing continuously. But if you regularly want targeted visitors to a website, you have to be in the information circle. SEO is the tool for achieving that, and implementation of SEO should be molded according to new Search Engine Algorithms.

Viral content is not that effective as been told:

From huge volumes of content published, only unique content is valuable. Which is not that abundant and is uncertain too. No one could say that which content is going to be capturing the crowd, and is the next big thing.

Don’t misunderstand. Viral content is fruitful for worldwide businesses with a broad range of customers, and some brands have a distinct way of choosing the right words. The right use of viral advertisement can enhance your branding effectively. But for Indigenous businesses with local customers, running viral campaigns is simply invaluable. If an SEO Services Company proposes you viral content campaigns, never hire them. You never wants to choose SEO Services providers who dabbles in SEO. Go for the Latest SEO Services to rank #1.

Black SEO could ruin your business:

Black Hat and White Hat are derived from an old time western saying. The white hats are for good guys and black hats are bad guys. The same resemblance is given in the SEO by cyber world.

Black SEO evolved as Google Algo’s changes about what is right, and what’s the game. Some strategies become toxic for the quality ranking results. And black hat SEO’s just gamed the system. Going for such techniques may penalize your website.

But, the good news is, Google still wants quality results. You don’t have to fear if you are going for quality work. Use quality content, link only to other valuable websites, and follow the innovations (like any new advance in cyber world). Surely your efforts will turn into gold.

Plagiarism is not always Bad:

Once it was termed as a black hat SEO Technique. But I tell you when you use right canonical tags on your website the plagiarism vanishes, duplicate content is not as devastating as it was once.

Now you must still report issues like other sites using your content. But you don’t have to worry more about the SEO ranking positions.

Incoming links not always profitable:

As it is being said, usually that inbound links always push you up in the ranking results. But if most of your links are from sites are not that authoritative.  Authority issues, sites unrelated to your industry, Questionable domains could affect your position. One Quality backlink is better that thousand bad links.

Improve your Relevancy:

As, I told earlier that even the backlinks must be from relevant sites. Now, the coding and the design must be proportional to the focus.

Meta tags, headers, description, sub-headers, and even the image description must be relevant to the website or the web page itself.

Analyze Yourself:

As, the rules are variable. So, you must be having a track on what’s going wrong. Automation is the best way for achieving your goals. There are many new tracking tools now a days. Use Google webmaster and Analytical rightly to track every bit of it.

And if you are a business owner and hiring an SEO Expert you must be known to these tools. Because, now a days you cannot trust anyone. Your SEO Expert may be a Sales representative.

Must be Mobile Friendly:

The use of smart phones have revolutionized the world. Nearly everyone now a days have one. And is very easy to use. Most of the web search volume is coming from mobiles.

So, if you won’t rank in mobile results as your site is not optimized for mobile. And you may be losing % of the searches of local customers.

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