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April 15, 2016
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April 15, 2016

Hollywood Given Kevin Spacey CAT Role, HD Trailer Revealed


Two times Oscar Winner Kevin Spacey, was seems out of touch in filming himself in movies,. But after a long break, he decided to make comeback with his next Hollywood movie in  zany’s new release “Nine Lives”.

According to details, Kevin Spacey will play as a CAT. Preceding the role In the Film, Kevin spacey is a successful merchant and businessman, who afterwards being transformed into little CAT, from the mysterious sorcerer . Nine Lives’ new trailer, has been released , introducing Jennifer Garner as Kevin’s wife. But…….

Man in question here is the “Christopher Walken“shopkeeper who is mysterious and have powers. Well, the concept of transformation basically comes from , Men in Black versions, whose director is now working on Nine Lives, so there will be some interesting stuff for Us.

Nine Lives opens Aug. 5 in theaters as a comic bit of counter programming to Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad, which opens the same day.


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