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April 7, 2016
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April 8, 2016

Facebook Messenger Another Evolutionary Feature, scan and chat


With all new Facebook messenger features, that Facebook announced earlier this year and throughout  2015. Facebook now announces a some new development in Facebook messenger, which will started to show off real soon. Featuring snapchat scan which will let you make quick connection with you business friend, also it makes chat much more friendly than ever before.

According to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zukerberg, now people can chat through messenger by using snapcodes which means its now become much more easier and simpler for friends and businessmen to make a friendlier chat.  This new update or feature rolls will rolls out soon, and soon after it activated you messenger account will have link and its especially dedicated for specific cause. You will find this link in the location to[username].


Before and after affects

Every Facebook account has its own dedicated link, and now Messenger accounts do too. If you type in a friend’s username after, it’ll open up a chat with them on the Facebook Messenger website. Usernames on Messenger are the same as Facebook usernames.

According to notes of Facebook

Facebook is also rolling out “Messenger Codes”. They’re a lot like Snapchat’s snapcodes in that you can scan one with your camera to, from what we can tell, either add that person as a contact or start a chat. These codes appear as dots and dashes circling a profile photo, and the button to scan them seems to be buried under the People tab within the Messenger app. Go there, then tap Scan Code, and that’s it.

Facebook now wants to promote business chat as well, after these updates, it will then become much easier for businessmen to open up a quick chat without any procedures and hiccups. So facebook now expanding their features even on website, especially on messenger which is portable application, snapchat with snapcodes will make it a lot easier.

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