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April 8, 2016
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Drimta Weekly Special: A Success Story of Two Brothers


This is a true story of deeply rooted yet small IT company which is right now at its boom period. A company which was built by two brothers from scratch. Catching up those must wanted success that a firm needed. The story of organization wasn’t so long, it’s all started 4 years back.

Some of you, will undoubtedly have difference in impression, but I assure you once you tail us with proceeding parts it will inspires you.

Well, Many of you haven’t been heard of WM WEBS but they are existed here, The company launched in 2012 and its main office is located at G-8 Markaz islamabad. I met with IT company owners and partners couple of days back, Junaid Memon was first glimpse, who is co-founder and marketing Person for WM WEBS, we talked to him about his experience and passion in marketing with relation to web development. Firstly I would like to tell you that Junaid is one of those guys, who don’t have marketing background, at the time of interview he was still receiving calls for business meetings.

Junaid Memon - Marketing Expert

Junaid Memon – Marketing Expert

I asked him about his biography in addition, how he comes in marketing field.

He starts with his early stages and explains:

when I first started my career with software house, I have no idea what marketing is, I have nothing in hand except I was hoping for someone to guide me on my career, here I would add, it’s my Big Brother who encourages and guided me, my first project was a big failure which costs a whopping $1000, in a business commitment, it went wrong only due to my commitment error while I wasn’t aware of future circumstances. However, I decided to overcome my mistakes as soon as possible, well these mistakes especially which cost you heavily can easily led down any person. At the time I did lost my confident in dealings but what remains me engaged was my passion and dedication towards marketing, after series of mistakes I finally done things right,  my little experience gain me professional skills on how entrepreneur should work.

There is not certain that anybody can start his professional work on his own or without any assistance, there might be someone who guided you on it

He replied

Yes, of course there is only one guy who can guide me was my Big Brother (Who is now web Developer, and leading WM WEBS) I am really thankful to him for being so kind with me and at the time when in need”

As for our popularity, we really didn’t publicly popularize our Company, however we are like someone working underground with lots potential name and achievements in bags. In our period of success, we also met with Some High Ranking Government Personalities and some top Drama personalities, furthermore, we were also invited by Dubai companies to work there.

Well these words were really inspiring for any start up guy. We proceeded and met the Founder of WM WEBS who is also Junaid’s Big Brother and specifically Web Developer. Mr. Danish Memon  is now one of those Pakistani website developer who learn by their soul and heart, who don’t have background of software engineering or IT but one direction tip will took him to whole new professional career. He earned his place in website development on his own.

Danish Memon - Web Developer

Danish Memon – Web Developer

I asked Danish Memon how he started his work even though he don’t carries any degree in IT or software, he explain

I was young when I started taking interest in websites. It’s about 8 years since I am being involve in web designing, and about 4 years when we started our own business “WM WEBS”, those years weren’t all easy at all. I worked on Joomla, Druple, wordpress and PHP all the platforms were difficult at first, but later on i managed to learnt and progress likewise. To be honest it was impossible task to develop myself in web development at fuller. Learning web code by code isn’t that easy for me, I had to came out from comfort zone and make struggle which I did,  started learning from scratch and in some parts of learning stage I thought I was not meant for this field. Though it was only about, I retain my dedication in it, I work harder and harder so to achieve something which I fought for. Now we have our own conveyance and house in Islamabad which is why we are proud to be in this field.

He further elaborated

Passion is adaptable, creative work is an art, skill. Years of practices and hardworking will lead towards biggest success of my life.

Our Most Prominent achievements:

  • Al-Madar Engineering’s – Dubai based Construction Company
  • Samsons Group – Australian Mobile company. We are still engaging with them on Multiple Projects
  • Levish dine – a Famous restaurants in Pakistan
  • Daily Kashmir Times – One of the great archive for E-Newspaper
  • Shakeel Trading Corporation – One of the Best Tiles in Pakistan
  • Similarly we have many more, but these are one which I closely remember right now.

We have seen every developer in Pakistan have some sort of background certification, how you manage to absorb web development knowledge without having any know how of it.

He prompted to my question and quickly responded

You need passion and dedication to accomplish your career goals, your ambitions. By the time, I improves my skill and techniques to work at my level best, gradually I adapted those skills completely which then lead to unprecedented success. Right now, our organization has achieve over 300 website, incorporating dozens of inventory and android apps in 2 years of time. Besides, I as a web developer, have memorized almost 200 codes which has been great success for mine. Furthermore, it was not possible without my younger brother’s soul commitment and enhance support.  So I am very satisfy the way we develop ourselves. Without having IT background I able to achieve numerous skills which required in Professional web development. I would not be more satisfy then this. Thanks to Allah for being so kind on me. And provided me and my company greatest success of life.

Well that’s it, This is all i got from brother in hood.  Now its upto you how you will take the motivation. As far as my feelings are concerns, i am really impressed with how they build themselves in their profession. It must be inspirational for those startup who really want to potently progress in Web development field

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