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Double End Bags – Boxing Equipment You Need to Improve Speed and Accuracy

RDX Speed Bag

BOXING is not just about power, you also need speed, accuracy, and faster combinations to knockout your opponents. In order to achieve that it is a must for every fighter to train on the double-end bag, however it is observed that only more advanced fighters use them in training.

In this post you will learn about a boxing training equipment called ‘Double End Bag’ and how to use it in a boxing gym or at home.

What is the Double-End Bag?

For those who have no idea what double-end bag is – it’s a small air-filled bag suspended from the ceiling and floor with the help of a stretchy cord that comes with the boxing equipment. These bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes and rebound elasticity that target different levels of boxing workouts.

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Types of Double-End Bags

Also known as Floor-to-ceiling bag, it’s a cross between a heavy bag and a speed-bag. The bags are designed in variety of shapes and sizes, but normally categorized in two types, one with larger bags than the other. The larger ones are easier to hit, however they are not as good in terms of accuracy.

Adjusting the Height of a Double-End Bag

The important thing for double end bag is that the boxer can work around them so the support used to hang these bags should come out at least three feet from the wall. Another thing that makes them adjustable for boxers is a good rubber type suspension and hooking system. It can come right off from the base and the top and you can adjust it by tying a knot into it, which will drop the whole bag little bit lower to bring it down from chin level to your shoulders. If you want to make it higher for a taller person you can tie a knot from the top.

As it is not so easy to tie these knots every now and then, it is important to place it at an ideal height so you don’t have to adjust it frequently from top or bottom. It should be about your chin height if your opponent is about that high but if your opponent is taller or smaller you can adjust the height accordingly.

Key to Double-End Bag Training

Just like a speed ball, you need rhythm and accuracy in the double-end bag workout. Move around and try to use your feet continuously while thinking about your opponent in a fight.

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