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Congratulations to Pakistani Gaming Community, IGN Launched in Pakistan, Updated

As the calender ticking, Pakistan getting more coverage in International Media. This time, we are experiencing in intention of world top Entertainment platform, which is included Pakistan in their region list. First it was NetFlix and Xiomi, I would like to congratulate Pakistan’s Gaming community that Pakistan is now member of IGN, a Gaming Platform.

YES, IGN is now officially being launched in Pakistan. Its one of the great news for Gaming community, besides it should have been launched before. Anyways its good to go.

Some Twitter Talks regardin IGN in Pakistan.

Why should I Excited about IGN Pakistan

With any single doubt, IGN has top rating in world leading sports and entertainment platforms, who is promoting fan culture in around 29 regions around the globe while according to reports, 75 Million unique users are following IGN from past several years. Suggesting their potent value, henceforth whopping market share in international market.

What we have through IGN

Well first of all thanks to Express Publications and Ziff Davis for being so kind and understand Pakistani Gaming Community and its need.

According to IGN

IGN isn’t only about games, but movies, television, comic books, anime, technology, toys, and more. Here in Pakistan, we have an energetic gaming community, legions of talented comic book artists and fans to go with them, a film industry readying itself to fly like a phoenix from the ashes of dormancy, and of course, a massive television culture, which under our interpretation includes theater and music.

Here at IGN Pakistan we commit to covering all that is happening locally under the IGN umbrella. We also promise to produce content written by writers qualified to analyze their areas of interest.

IGN has also its roots for Gaming tournaments in regions where it existed. With a lot of exciting Games to unveil, Pakistan will definitely have opportunity to experience international tournaments incorporating local as well. this will definitely create competition in the market, since Pakistan is low in international media, It’s another step up development for being Go Global. Moreover, Pakistani Gamers no need to buy games from USA or other media in Dollar s which cost them high, instead Community will now have PKR platform for Buying Quality Games.

We are now in Touch with IGN and their sources, We will highlight developments here. Stay Tune, for More updates.

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