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Beautiful Kelash Valley, Culture and Festivals

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The kelash tribe in Pakistan is fame for their rich and strong background culture, representing their own people and hence Pakistan. Their unique Customs and historical traditions makes them different across Pakistan. In addition, foreigners also visit kelash and enjoy their trip,  praise kalash villagers for being so unique in their culture. kalash is geographically known as Kafiristan, where people speaks their own language “Kalasha” which also resembles them as kalasha people.  12 villages in the valley, rich and populated with green and natural places, especially in spring it glows beautifully.

People living in Kalash are loving, cordial, and friendly. When you visit kalash you will feel whole new place and experience unique environment. On the top of that they are really responsive characters especially famous they are famous for their dancing, music, and their religious traditions.

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Furthermore the Kalash people organize festivals, in which they wear unique dresses which you will not find anywhere in Pakistan. The traditional dressing of Kalash people also have a major attraction for the tourists coming to this area. The Kalash women wear a dress containing a black robe and an embellished cap with decorations of cowrie shells, ornaments and beads. Each heavy headdress weighing several pounds is presented to a girl by her uncle. The jewelry includes necklaces made from apricot kernels, a traditional gift during the festivals. Men usually use the Pakistani shalwar kameez, while children after the age of four wear small versions of clothing

In festivals women dances much in open places, while elders chant legends with drums. The festival dates are only fixed to a certain extent as the people and the dates depend on the harvest.

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Chilam Joshi Festival

Usually held in the month of May every year, specific dates are selected for this event, like this year it will starts on 14 May and remain till the night of 17th May 2016. The cause behind celebrating this event is to express gratitude to the spring season.

The Uchau

Kalash celebrate Uchao to honor the almighty for the sake of god given fruits like grapes and other ripe fruit. They prepare wine, cheese, corns etc. and rejoice Uchao. This festival held in autumn, on 20th August.


To be held in mid December when winter is at peak.  People of kalash celebrates this festival longer than preceding ones. I:e it lasting for 10 days or may be 12 days.

Sheep and goats are sacrificed on this occasion.

In order to reach the Kalash Village, you can travel by  road, and nearest accessibility is from Gilgit. Once you reach the Gilgit it takes you to Lawari Pass and Shandar pass, it will lead you to Chitral and kelash valley by consuming resources and distance covers  around 365 kilometers. It’s definitely a long route, rather travel by air far more feasible option. You can use either Islamabad or Peshawar to Chitral route. Which is fastest and safest above all.

Currently, VisitPK has organized a wonderful trip to let you welcome the Summer and celebrate in an amazing way with the Kalash Tribes.Chilam Joshi festival is a four day festival celebrated from 14th-17th May every year in Kalash.  Book Online Now  



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