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April 1, 2016
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Are you Ready For Another Selfie Function? Selfie Helmet is Here


helmet selfie

When world already advancing so fast, that you can’t catching up its pace relatively. But in current times, especially in 2016 technology will blow away every person’s mind. It will then realize you the real creativity. Simultaneously Mobile company called T-Mobile, launched a Helmet on Friday, which they are calling it selfie stick helmet probably be worked as to make you  consistent focus on your content while you’re doing some other work in office, home, even in bathroom, not joking.

Binge on Up

The helmet selfie stick is ridiculously advanced development in mobile industry, intended to attract busiest users in world. While you’re working in office you really binge on your smartphone content. Well, to be honest, helmet selfie stick will engage you with smartphone more than ever, because it will not requires you to use you hand to hold or whatsoever, in fact you put it on your head and walk, and move out of your office without interrupted your communication.

You can see the guy in the picture while bathing; hold his helmet selfie upon head and watching his interest. Extremely ridiculous, though it’s actually next level advancement in smartphone usage.

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