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April 5, 2016
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April 7, 2016

A Girl getting famous on instagram on her creative undercut hairstyle design



Haircut Style, as there are many unique haircuts around the world which are being popular for their strange cuts, but how come a cat haircut can take your attention in just few hours. A Russian Girl, Katichka styled a craziest cat haircut which now catched up the whole world’s interest in few hours.



Sharing on Instagram and Fans

Few days back, she shared her picture on Instagram with CAT haircut design to the nape of her neck, which was seemed creative of all the other styles, well, it isn’t the most creative haircut in the world but her choice of haircut design is unique. That she showed how much she had love for her cat.  She First Paint her hair for new look afterwards cats love bring upon idea for new haircut within painted hair.

The picture has blown up – at the time I am writing, Katichka has over 18,800 followers, and it’s been liked over 17,000 times. The comments are full of praise, with people saying it’s “so cute!” in any number of languages.

What’s More

When we dig Instagram little more, we found another brilliant yet creative style, which you can’t see anywhere else. Here is a picture of another beautiful design we explored.



Well, selecting a haircut design especially for girls, is always up to your choice of taste. We found them extremely creative without tearing anything a part


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