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5 Pakistani Actresses and Models have Surprising Heights

While Pakistan have a lot of actresses working in drama industry from years, besides their grace and beauty affectionate audience, some top of the line models have surprising heights. DRIMTA have collected top 5 most recognized faces in entertainment industry in Pakistan actresses.

model 1

Starting with Nadia Hussain our Top of the list.

One of the recognize actress in Pakistan television, also host and fashion designer. She is the tallest model carrying 5 ft 10 Inc. She has worked in many drama serials on different channels. She is married and have 4 children as well.

model 2

Ayyan Ali, a fabulous model in Pakistan, working impeccable for Pakistan’s entertainment industry, is 5’9 ft. she is second tallest model in our list. She was first started his modeling career in 2010 and won the best emerging female model award. In addition, she also has nominated four times for lux awards

model 3

A talented and aggressive model Sanam Saeed stand at 5’74 feet, claim third most tallest model for the list. Besides she has also named  TV drama roles, she has also starred in two EID telefilms in 2013.

model 4

Mehwish Hayat is one of the fame TV actress, model and singer, stand at fourth position, she is 5’7 feet. As for his acting career, she starred in drama serials Dillagi and Unsuni  in 2016

model 5

Is a Pakistani VJ, model and actress. Urwa Hocane made her film debut in the 2014 romantic comedy Na Maloom Afraad. She enlisted at 5th spot. She is slightly taller at 5’7 feet

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