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Women Started Fight on Plane When Music Gone Loud


Turn on Music on long journeys help you ease from boring and awkward condition. But sometimes it can go wrong when music overflows. On Wednesday, Spirit airlines, two women were trying to play music loud, on a portable devices. When plane lands on airport of Baltimore, both were in scene of playing music too damn loud that other people were fed up from their act. Ultimately, it’s where fight has started to roll.

According to sources, there were actually two different groups who are involve in fights scene, women included. When Spirit Airlines landed and taxing to the gate, suddenly fight initiated between both groups.  Some passengers have started to make snapshot, which was shared through Instagram.

Spirit Airlines Spokesman patch an email reporting:

“Two customers, who appeared to be intoxicated, were playing loud music on (a) portable speaker,” Spirit Airlines spokesman Paul Berry wrote in an email.

Further he elaborate the event as

“Then to provoke the other customers, they were holding their speaker in the air taunting the customers who had asked to have the music turned down. This prompted the second group of customers to approach the first group and a fight broke out.”

Upon notice, Police and FBI reacted on this unfortunate event no charges were filed though.


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