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March 21, 2016
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March 23, 2016

Women are different from Men, Carrying more Heart Attack Risk than Men



Besides, we face many diseases in our life, but the most significant one is Heart Attack, actually immune at later ages. However, as the time passes, Heart Attack becomes quite common in early ages human as well. Younger women are unlike men, returning to work or routine life below par to men. Well, it can be due to multiple factors, but social and economic factors are most likely factors indulge.

A study was conducted for examining the real situation among women and men in which researcher wrote about behavior of patient. There are few implications economically and on health basis as well. An unemployed person would likely to die prematurely, who have heart disease. Elaborated in study

In Study, a proportion of women and men taken, around 1690 population of which 57% of the population were women, upon experiment it was resulted 89% of men would likely to return to work whereas 85% of women likely to return as worker. Suggesting high proportion of men will recover sooner than women. In Addition, there are demographic factors like ages, Region, employment.
“This kind of paper is interesting because it creates a lot of discussion about the social things we can do,” said Cho. “Not just putting stents in but other things that we can do.”

Cho said, the outcome can be improve or differentiate by shuffling or adjusting job or duty timing like 9 to 5 at office. It might improve results furthermore, this study is very useful in determining health conditions of respective patients.

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