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March 28, 2016
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The Most influential Businessman in Pakistan, Malik Riaz, A New Move


Pakistan biggest tycoon, especially known from Bahria Town Projects Malik Riaz Hussain, expanding his projects across Pakistan. While his personality and business expansion is so widely effective he decided to step in to the world of media and form a high ranged multiple TV channel.

Bahria Town is larger than the capital itself, and is part of a property portfolio that includes more than 40,000 acres of developments across the country and pays salaries to 60,000 employees.

Why he really wants to Build Media Empire?

According to sources, Malik Riaz decided to support his voice and expand his projects independently, by building up Media Empire on his own. According to him, people started doing allegations on him without any substantial proof, which hurting his name and reputation badly.

Hussain also currently faces several investigations by the national corruption watchdog. Among the allegations against him are illegally grabbing land and using favor with politicians to have state-owned property allotted to him at throwaway prices.

Previously, Malik Riaz publicly admitted that he has bribe Pakistan intelligence ISI with golden amount. And he says, if i expose the amount that I paid them you will get heart Attack.

These facts will consistently making his personality more influential then before. even he has influenced on Judges, bribes to Judge’s son, whose case was still in court. Is He really going to devastate the high ranking departments of Pakistan? well, time will tell. 

Malik Riaz Further says, he will not open only one channel rather a whole media grid he is expecting soon to launch in Pakistan, which will then support him on bigger platform. This will be a clear response to people who are blackmailing me from past few years.  

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