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March 13, 2016
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Small Robot Riding and Controlling Bipedal Bike


Tokyo is famous for next generation tech, especially when you talk about robotic genetic developments. Recently, in exhibition, a robot demonstrate its skills and talent by riding a bipedal cycle which he rides in front of people who came in exhibition. Robot developer “Masahiko Yamaguchi” who actually designed that talented robot.

While riding bicycle, he can able to steer cycle anywhere, in any direction depending upon his path, sometimes he correct riding by itself, doesn’t need to instruct by anyone nor intense remote required. The Developer design this fixed gear bike which specifically design for this robot.

“A feature of this robot is, it pedals the bike with its own feet, and keeps its balance just by using the handlebars. I think this is probably a world first.”

“I’m interested in artificial intelligence, and in that context, I think intelligence and skills have equal value. So my purpose in creating this robot was to pursue intelligence from the skills side. While I was thinking of suitable topics, my local science museum demonstrated a cycling robot. So I decided to consider cycling as the skill, and build a bicycle robot.”


Watch: Robot Riding Bicycle HERE
During all this riding demonstration, the robot rider can reach the speed of 6mph, besides he rides bike quite similar how human do. Well, it is something unique, and quite interesting how robot can get a humorous touch with human kind of activities. Suggesting how world advance will be in damn coming future. Just a glimpse people experience in JAPAN.

“There’s a control board in the backpack. That needed to have a high processing speed, so I made my own board using the SH7125 CPU core.”

“PID control is a classical control method. It’s used to calculate how far to turn the handlebars when the frame tilts. By calculating proportional, integral, and differential components for the tilt, and adding them, the system calculates how far to turn the handlebars when the frame tilts. Also, the robot needs to decide which direction to go in, so we use a remote control to instruct it.”


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