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One Factor can Make or Break Your Presentation Skills

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation. Audience at the conference hall.

Never underestimate your strength nor overestimate your weakness.

A perfect quote can influence your life towards possible means. There are two major things that you adapted and modify them by using your own power. A strength, have empower to how powerful and skillful you are, it is regarding your inner self believe of doing things right. While if we consider a weakness, that a negative part of your life sometimes a nightmare, when you are facing substantial challenge in skill, and in real, you don’t have courage to fulfill the specific task, at a very moment you feel yourself a complete disaster.

When we are referring to presentation event. We always think of delivering something good in front of public. But the Question rising here, is it really that easy to deliver your message clear and sound in front of a hall crowded with public.

A term called self-confidence. As you will definitely require confidence in you so you know what you’re going to deliver. That, what you’re going to do will be best as per your calculations aftermath. It is more like believing in yourself, and not expecting someone to help you. You are on your own.

Here I take my own Example how I feel when my first presentation taken place.

It was our Presentation time in University, Our group has turn, after other have spoken or presented. Fellow mate called my name and I was stunned, my mind exploded with thoughts gradually heart’s Beating rate risen up, and by the time I came up to Dice, I totally forget what I had to say in front of whole class room.  At that time why I unable deliver something, because I thought what I would say will going to cost me and my group’s performance, even if it was right. But I felt too unworthy among others.

So it was not like I saved others, in fact I ruined my first experience due to the fact I didn’t hold up with my confidence. I underestimate my strength and overestimate my weakness.

That is how people fail to demonstrate something even if they have control. But due to no self-believing, we underestimate our strength. Do Not underestimate it, the best way to utilize is to no matter what people will say, or act, if you really have guts, do it don’t hesitate in giving your opinion among your friends, colleagues. If it has in your mind and you think it can be right, Just draw it.

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