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Nike’s HyperAdapt 1.0 Shocks the World


Its world getting advance day by day, with superlative features and advancement in technologies in overall lifestyle. Technology is not limited to electronics and hardware, But our lifestyle now catching up its shockwaves effects more frequently. Its Nike leading shoe maker worldwide, bring upon highly advance version of package introducing hyper Adapt 1.0 maneuver.

Preciously, many years back similar kind of tech air called back to the future dropped in. while Nike was quite confident to reveal and outstanding and extremely science fiction thing that can shake the world. But it was still feels pretty strange among consumer, seems impossible, until Nike today announced Hyper Adapt 1.0, which according to Nike will be available on stores fall this year.

The shoe featuring hyper Adapt 1.0, which allows wearer to control his wearing position accordingly. Shoes doesn’t used regular laces, in fact it folded with sensor laces, having battery-power  which automatically swings invert as you stepped in. Once you stepped into shoe, registers will detect your shoe and stream the weight of foot,  sensor will let you adjust your foot after few wearing. If a user will feel tightness, there are two buttons on side, ‘Plus’ and ‘Minus’, use respective signs to adjust your foot inside shoe which help in comfort for walk.

Well, it’s definitely a Huge development in the history of lifestyle, though we still have to consider we drawbacks which sure there are. As it’s a tech, which cannot last long, malfunctioning is always there, if anything went wrong, shoe can go I problem. In contrast  traditional laces shoes are always worry free.  We still have to wait for reviews bigger companies.

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