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March 15, 2016
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New Zealand Beat India in Low Scoring Match by 47 runs


In this Amazing World T20, we have Top Guns that can either surprise by their bowling or batting lineup. Some teams have tremendous in bowling whereas batting on the others. Although we didn’t yet experienced much in this world cup, but Yesterday’s  match between blazing fast New Zealand and Asian hardcore India. Which turnout to be almost surprise, as India was known to be best bet in this world cup considering they got pretty substantial batting top to end. New Zealand Won their First W T20 Match.

On match, McCullum team seems scrambled and ties scored with 126 for 7 wickets in full 20 overs. Definitely it was quite low total, New Zealand’s is such a team can mount solid 160 easily, but low score suggesting how pitch helpful for bowler. Anyways, Its McCullum’s who is leading his in this world cup. With young players, it was not easy to put pressure on India, But India certainly gone backward in this very match.

After low score batting, New Zealand came up with Mediocre bowling attack, grab an early wicket of dangerous Shikkar Dhawan, by Nathan McCullum who will going to Reitre along with his brother after This very tournament. Bowling streak started after early takeover, India batsmen seems out of touch, have no answer against New Zealand’s young attack. Rohit sharman, Virat kohli gave their wicket with quick intervals. While Sodhi broke down kohli’s discipline when he already played 26 balls and seems solid at crease. Anyways with wickets went down on regular intervals, India only manages to reach at 79 and not even 80, well, it was the case even worst then Pakistan as they made 83 total in a match in recent Asia Cup.

According to Dhoni

We Lacked a bit of Adaptability

Well, New Zealand already swing the danger bell for other teams as well with their outperform output in their very first match against Asian Team and on Asian Soil.

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