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March 28, 2016
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March 29, 2016

Investigator Sketched Suicide bomber, Excluded Yusuf as Attacker

In our previous post, we covered Lahore bombing’s nightmare. Right now when writing, the death tolls to 72 with 300 still injured. Security condition, in Lahore is still seems penalized. Punjab government declared red alert in Lahore city, just for sake of security of general public. It is all about lives.


While investigation to the suicidal attack was ongoing, Pakistani agencies and detectives able to gather some CNIC sample from incident place, through which police investigators point out the person, but still they are not sure, said that, it will not be justified directly point out person or make allegation at this time, they said further investigation is needed. Though, they able to make a sketch of possible suicidal, by gathering witnesses reports. Sketch will help us to do in further detail.

Previously, news media has broadcasted fake news regarding Yusuf as a suicide bomber. In actual the name media referring to is who’s dead body was been found in park after blast. Investigator team briefed on suicide attacker which Does excludes Yusuf from suicide list.

Furthermore, Directives of city have ordered forces to keep an eye to entry and exit points for possible suspects. It is quite possible that they are still in the city planning for further attacks.

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