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March 9, 2016
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March 11, 2016

Innovative Service: Unihost Provides Hybrid Web Hosting That Has No Analogs

Web Hosting industry is an innovative field that is growing rapidly. The top priorities for the web providers are speed and uptime increase and reliability of the connection. A lot of specialists focus their attention on the problem of service improving.

Specialists from Unihost company reported on results of their innovative technology: they made a breathtaking advance, created a hybrid structure that is based on the simultaneous SATA and SSD use. Standard SATA disks are perfect for the content storage, SSD disks are used for the data storage and processing.

This hybrid structure was developed to improve the service and to offer more powerful opportunities for the customers. The company found a solution for the most typical problems that the shared web hosting owners usually have.


Check the list below to make sure it is true.

  1. The hybrid structure expand the speed of the websites that are hosted on shared web hosting up to 300 times compared with the common services.
  2. The company gaurantees 99,98% uptime: if there are any problems with the correct work of a server, the cloud server in the reservation performs its functions.
  3. Unihost`s equipment provides the stable high speed of the demand processing (more than 50 inquiries per second).
  4. Hybrid Web Hosting is ideal for heavy web sites that need a lot of resources (company`s servers can do up to 190 000+ inquiries per hour).
  5. The appearance of HTTP500 mistake is minimized (accoding to the testing results it appears in 0,2% of cases).
  6. Placing servers in the most well-known German data-centers ensures a very fast data transmission to any part of the world (the average time of the overloaded server answer is 16,09 ms).

As you can see, hybrid Web Hosting has a lot of advantages, the testing results are excellent. The company constantly improves the level of service, promoting new opportunities for the customer.

Company management put special attention to the protection of the customer`s web resources. Constant Anti-DDoS protection is included to all web hosting plans for this purpose. Strong mechanism of incoming traffic monitoring is the best solution to identify all illegitimate requests and guarantee a secure work of the hosted web resources independently from the behaviour of unfair competitors. Unihost choose world best equipment such as Cisco, Arbor, Tilera to protect client`s resources against account hacking and viruses, Client Area in cPanel is immuned with two-factor authentication.

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