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March 30, 2016
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March 31, 2016

Going To Australia With Your Friend? Here are some Worth Visiting Places in Adelaide

Adelaide, a city of Australia, is one of known and popular place in the world. Being popular for its culture, glamorous places, one of the most fame place in Adelaide is the Oval cricket ground where World Cricket is engaged while touring. Although it has a history, but still people around the world prefer Adelaide, for Tourism perspective.  If you’re going to Australia especially when opting for Adelaide city, you definitely have something in mind why are you visiting Adelaide.

Here are some things you really would like to do when you visit Adelaide.


Relax your time on Adelaide’s famous Beach

Public really wants to visit this beach, not because of uniqueness, but the level of relaxation it produce that no one place would transform. Glenle Beach is quite popular in Adelaide, where you can hustle and bustle, walk along side layers of sea. There is a place beside Glenle Beach called Semaphore, it will enhance you experience, you should missed it before go. While you’re on beach, you will never missed food, Yes, as usual, it contain a fish n chip shops.


Take a side walk to Maritime Museum in Port Adelaide

If you’re a discoverer then you are really like to explore some historical facts about Adelaide and Australia. A 19th century Building where you will find most antiques and facts. How you will reach to the Historic Port Adelaide?

Well, you need to get guide from tourist office, they will guide you promptly. While you’re walking around the port Adelaide, you will feel the past century moments. The only south Australia place declared as an historic Precinct.

central market

Visit Central Market of Adelaide in Morning

Adelaide is also famous for fresh and extensive market where you will explore an find some fresh food items in reasonable price. When you visit to Adelaide you can visit to Adelaide Central Market and get some fresh Vegetables, meat, seafood etc. But you need to tour central market in morning otherwise the freshness will no longer exist.


Tour the Adelaide Oval

Well don’t forget to take a tour of world’s most aesthetic cricket stadium “OVAL” of Adelaide. Australia is very much popular for being having this spectacular cricket stadium which can roll your eyes anytime. In the stadium they have decorated the Bradman Collection, includes photographs of his great moments in cricket. Well Sir Donald Bradman was the greatest batsman of all time.

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