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March 22, 2016
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March 24, 2016

Get Ready Manufacturing Companies To Pay Additional Tax on Sugar in Cold Drinks


Soft drinks are these days using noticeable amount of sugar in soft drinks which gradually resulting in health concern. Anything world organization can do to force these companies to reduce the sugar material from soft drinks, though companies also have introduced sugar free drinks but it is not going to work very well. However, Britain step up and unveiled their plan on charging tax on companies which are supply high sugar soft drinks.

The plan is to charge additional tax but only on Soft drinks manufacturer which will then rise up to 520 Million Pound or $ 732 Million for lower school sports. But it is not imposing yet, it will take couple of years to complete in charge.  Great news is Tax will only impose on soft drink manufacturer instead of consumers.

Osborne states that, there will two bands of drinks which will charge as per decided ratios. Total sugar content over 5g per mililitres and the other bands will consider as high band drink which henceforth charge as more than 8g per mililitres. Fruit and milk-based juices will not be enlisted in tax imposition.

Osborne continued,

Doing the right thing for the next generation is what this government and this Budget is about,

Official data from last year showed 61.9 percent of British adults and 28 percent of children aged between two and 15 are overweight or obese.

The decision made after assessing the growing ratio of patients especially children who actually uses more soft drinks on regular basis, high sugar soft drinks damaging health and inside condition. Similarly, other regions are also effecting with this inclusion.

“Campaign group Action on Sugar backed the plans, but stressed that the levy needed to be “at least 20% on all sugar-sweetened soft drinks and confectionary” in order for it to be effective.”



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