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March 9, 2016
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March 10, 2016

Every Next Blood Drop is Different in Human Body – Research Revealed


Blood in veins is most crucial part in human body. Increasing and decreasing creates impact on body attitude. A study revealed that every next drop change the bloods effective communication in human body.

These days doctors usually prefer a lab diagnostic, for testing human body by squeezing out the blood, a single drop which can easily far more adequate to identify condition. But now a single drop might not be adequate for accurate testing. New York Times unveiled that Researchers studied and experimented on several blood drops from 10 participants. Those blood drops generate refresh and different result from other drops.

If you’re going to take a fingerpick stick to get your measures, you need to be aware that you’re sacrificing some accuracy, one of the researchers warns.

Fast Company Revealed

The results have implications for startups like Theranos and Genalyte, which hope to diagnose diseases using only one drop. Unlike Theranos, however, Genalyte has produced results via peer-reviewed studies on tests to find autoimmune diseases such as lupus



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