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March 9, 2016
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March 9, 2016

Energy drinks can Raise Risk of Heart Problem More Quickly


From Many years Energing  Drinks are renowned to be one of those products can enhance sportman health or regain the energy to optimal level. World now dealing more in energy drink besides cold drinks like Coca Cola, Pepsi etc. however, you cannot go blindly after energy drinks in crucial health condition.

A study in University of Pacific and David Grant Medical Center, revealed that people who are suffering from heart problem and occasionally high blood pressure will need to stay away from these energy drinks can easily negatively effect on them. It can raise the risk of life especially to abnormal heart rhythm.

According to Study , an experiment has been conducted, in which 27 participants volunteered, incorporating ages 18 to 40. Participants drank same amount of energy drink which contain Panax Ginseng – energy drink ingredient – that cause a special taste in drink. They drank energy drink for like once a day, the experiment carries 3 weeks for desirable results.

After three weeks, they observe the outcomes, and it was revealed that,

The People who drank the people who drank the energy drink had a statistically significant increase in a marker of abnormal heart rhythm risk known as the QTc interval, the researchers reported. The same study participants also experienced a slight rise in blood pressure. The effects persisted for two hours after the energy drink was downed.

According to above results, it is very much clear that energy drinks can increase the blood pressure extensively which then uplink to heart problems. There is also few reports suggesting, 34 deaths that may have been linked with the drinking of energy drinks. All corresponding to sudden death attack, in extreme cases.

Energy drinks are widely consumed within the college population, which further extends the relevance of this study, Phillip Oppenheimer said.

Phelan added, “I see these kids coming in not infrequently with palpitations which subsequently resolve with discontinuation of the energy drinks.”



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