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March 12, 2016
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Dog will Now Act as Ambassadog in Scotland


I am sure official ambassador in the form of animal is first time you’re going to heard. Well, Scotland tourism board, have decided to change some rules and policies in tourism department. They are hiring dogs which will certainly act as representative of Scotland in front of tourists.

According to sources, Scotland administration to the tourism board, replicate their tourism policy and announced that tourist will have “Ambassadog” which will make tour easy for world tourists. Special Dogs will hire and specified training will be provided to them, after training they will certified as Ambassadogs.

Dog will act same as human, it will have responsibilities while it will on the field along with tourists. The strict policy on hiring Dogs is already rolled out, which state,

Dog should have knowledge of smells and sights around the world or country, carries passion to work around along with personalities around across the world.

For hiring Such Dogs, administration already announced applying procedure, What skills and biography they have all should be submitted through their Resume, Now People have to make resume for their Dogs as well, that sounds funny, but this is what Scotland are going to do. Owner of Selected Candidates will have 3-nigh Holiday in hotel.

They have also published a deadline to which interested candidate apply which is 6 of April 2016.

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