An Indian Flight Attandent was badly injured in Brussels Terror Attack
March 24, 2016
New Law, New Rules, You cannot Buy Cigerrates at 18, Get inform before caught, SANS
March 26, 2016

Arrested RAW Agent Confessed Sectarian Attacks, Also revealed Real Facts on Attacks in Major City



Indian official, A Naval Officer and a serving RAW Agent has been arrested from Pak-Afghan Region, Chaman, and Balochistan. The arrested man was actually working for Indian RAW Agency renown as intelligence agency pronounced as Research and Analysis Wings (RAW)

On Thursday, Pakistan forces on special report from Army and ISI, Initiated a Raid in region chaman, which then resulted in spotting an Indian agent identified as “Kul Yadav Bhoshan”. Upon arrested, Indian government or RAW has already been accepted agent was theirs and he is serving RAW agency. After Indian acceptance, the situation of involvement in Pakistan border and terror attack getting much clearer.

But here, we will turn your head towards more important concerns and factors that RAW agent was staying in chaman region, for some heavy terror attack in near future, in fact he was planning with other terrorist to destabilize Pakistan with sectarian terror. Also he met some sectarian group to implement a major bombing in regions like Karachi.

Keep in mind, Indian were previously involve in Balochistan, secondly, Pakistan has found and delivered some 2 dozen of potent proofs of Indian involvement in Balochistan which were handed over to United Nation.


According to Balochista’s Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti

Indian spy was involve in financially supporting baloch terrorist and confessed his involvement in Karachi unrest

According to the passport,

Yadav was born on August 30, 1968 and traveled to Pakistan on May 12, 2014.

Currently, news is also floating around, that RAW agent has been moved to Islamabad from Balochistan. Probably suggesting, Intelligence agency will now interrogate Indian agent for further proofs and future planning on their activities.

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