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March 23, 2016
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An Indian Flight Attandent was badly injured in Brussels Terror Attack


Brussels airport yesterday was been under suicide attack when passengers were roaming on the departure hall. The above photo showing two women sitting in a bad condition, though one in yellow dress was badly hurt, right after this explosion taken place, the condition of women seemed horrifying.

According to Sources, The bombing was set for multiple attacks, and outcome. A metro train beside was also affected by shockwave explosion, left 31 people dead with more than 250 wounded.

After Brussels airport attack and this photo came up with the evidence of victim from India, she belonged to Mumbai, India. The authorities had difficulties in identifying the victim with their full name, though it was confirm from that she was flight attendant from Jet Airways. With further exploration, they gained important information and announced her name as “Chaphekar” Indian flight attendant.

At night, her relatives been informed regarding her injury in incident

Depending on when the next earliest flight out of the country is, my brother and I will be leaving by tonight or tomorrow morning, the 40-year-old flight attendant’s brother-in-law, Nilesh Chaphekar, told AFP by telephone.

The news with iconic picture of two women floated on very newspaper, in fact it has been shared on social media widely. Many online media have criticized on newspaper for being publishing the “Chaphekar’s badly injured pictured, stating it is also a matter of privacy.

As Far the identification of attackers, Police and Agencies are investigation the people identified couple of person as suspect in this attack.

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