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January 20, 2016
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Titanic II is Launching Soon



A historical yet biggest Cruise ship Titanic has its own sequel “Titanic II” details and inside structure has revealed globally. It was announced to reveal the titanic II will travel from Southampton to New York, Launch in 2018, later on change en plans resembled as china and Dubai are boarding partners so this cruise will ship from china to Dubai to meet respective partners for its final show. titanic2-smokingroom-large titantic2-bridgewheelhouse-large


About the interior, it’s a bigger ship more than what people are expecting, even will be bigger than prequel. The idea for building another great Cruise generated by Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, well it’s a brainchild way, the interior texture inspired from Jurassic park theme.

Well, this Cruise will carry multiple classes just like previous ship. Third Class will have a Full Dining Room accompanied with two more sections, each for Men and Women singly or families. While it is reported, the services will be excellent. The luxurious class will contain smoking rooms, for those who are addicted or smoking lovers.

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