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January 20, 2016

Facebook is Alot More Than You can Imagine


Sheryl Sandberg is COO of Facebook, pretty fame personality among young and elder class who spend time on Facebook. This week while taking part in a panel of World Economic Forum in Davos, she said, counter-speech is good way to combat against hateful ideas and specifically ISISI people. While Facebook is used in whole world, the ratio continuously exceeding the expectations, so many agencies and top groups merged into as well, just to convey their ideas and developments. To fight against them, one should use counter speech attack against them.

In addition, she stated, we can use ‘like’ attack is one of the way, one can convey his preference towards speeches and messages. Facebook featured a “like” button which you can use against any post, if you really in favor of certain post you can push like button. While world is at war, the terrorist now using internet to sabotage world economy, in advance scenario, fighting against terrorist through internet is now become another significant perspective.

Sheryl Sandberg uses example of German Facebook users who liked “a neo-Nazi Facebook page”, which reflecting the quantity and extensive followers, it conveys a real positive sign for audience includes world. Furthermore, Facebook soon add another thought “Dislike” which will plays vital role in delivering people concern over certain matters. What people like and dislike would definitely be crystal clear.

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